Thursday, 8 July 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Just one more border to go and it'll be finished! Joan The Shop is on the home straight and she's very happy to be there. The finished quilt will be 94" square... so it is a little bit smaller than the 108" square original plan... see the tiny chunky churndash blocks in the border... they're 4" squares. The back is made up of 13" squares and a few 13" wide strips... I will show you the back on Friday, it's fabulous... and very big!!
Helen finished her quilted "Fat Cat" cushion. She learned a lot making this little fella... and she's very proud of him...
Do you remember back to when Helen joined us? She came to collect her mum one Friday afternoon and whilst waiting for Joan (it takes a while to pack up Joan's Shop, he he he) saw how much fun we were having... so she bought a pattern and some fabric from the Uttoxeter show and joined us.... just to 'dabble' in patchwork, just for this one project!!! Well.... she has the next project already planned and will be back with us on Friday! he he he
Dotty Maureen has decided to make a Dear Jane quilt... not for the faint hearted I have to say... The pink and white block... Dotty paper pieced it... is that cheating? I won't tell if you don't... he he he... Her next block was too complex to paper piece so it was back to freezer paper templates, Dotty now appreciates why Dear Jane quilts are so very special, a real labour of love. 2 blocks in the 5 hours... not bad at all!
Can you guess who this mug belongs to? ha ha ha ... it is very rarely empty either... Kettle Corner is always a popular place!

We meet again on Friday 9th July (yes that's tomorrow) for All Day Sewing at Caverswal Village Hall ... that's "Caverswall Quilt Cave" as you know....
Kettle Corner is always open, 10am - 3pm, if you're passing.... pop in and visit!

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Bonnie K. Hunter said...

Whooooooo! Thanks for sending me the link! I absolutely adore this setting! Joan did a great job...thanks for sharing it with me!