Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Helen is working on a wall hanging for her son's school. The background will be made up from these random 2 1/2" blue squares... you know.... we could sell this as a game... it's harder than it looks to ensure none of the squares touch each other.... not even diagonally!
Poor Joan The Shop... we were only 5 in the quilt cave so I was able to lend more of a helping hand... a production line "You sew Joan... I'll cut and iron!... come on, I am waiting!!" ha ha ha.
My Mum (Gwyn) decided she wanted her table topper to be a bit longer so we added 9-patch blocks with the two Churndash blocks in opposite corners... doesn't it look great!! Just two rows of border to add to the two long sides and she's ready to make a sandwich!
Dotty Maureen continues to work on her Dear Jane blocks, she has never been so quiet!! she has over 200 to go.

We have so many ladies coming to the Caverswall Quilt Cave on Fridays.... the day needs a little bit of structure, just to keep me organised.... not my strong point you know! ha ha ha.
Bear with me, you know I love to amuse myself... he he he
So... Instead of everyone paying for their purchases and daily dues 'willy-nilly' at any time, we are going to have a " Mid-day Money Moment" ha ha ha... after this we will retire to the "Lunch Lounge" to eat our delicious lunches... or should I say Bananas, we all bring bananas... so, the "Lunch Lounge" could have a Banana Bench"??? ... OK... that's probably going too far.... at least this little bit of structure will give me time to drink tea and take a 'comfort break'... "Tiddle Time"???? ha ha ha ha ha ha

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