Sunday, 11 July 2010

Pat Archibald At Rocheberie

Pat Archibald is, without a doubt, a very talented lady.... the talk was called "Around The World In 80 Quilts, More Or Less" Stunning quilts. Pat explained a bit about her trip, explained her thoughts about the colours in her photos, then stunned us with pictures of the quilts she had been inspired to make... After the talk we were treated to a glimpse of the real thing! This was my favourite. I love it when arty quilters incorporate traditional piecing into their work.
Not only is Pat a talented lady, she is quite lovely as well... she is Scottish and reminded me so much of Soooooo Hen in Portugal, he he he (sorry Soooooo Hen, but she talks just like what you do!) .. This is the project that all the lucky ladies will be making today at the Sunday workshop, lovely isn't it?... it is paper pieced though, he he he
Here are few other quilts inspired by Pats trip...

Oh to be arty.... the ideas are so simple..... I would like to make a small quilt like these, fresh from my own mind.... dream on!!

It's not going to happen.... I am not at all arty, so I will stick to my books, You Tube and blogs... that's where I learn most stuff.... my arty streak got lost before I ever found it! ha ha ha. here's the bottom line.....' if we were all the same, it would be boring' eh!


Gina said...

Isn't Pat such a lovely person. I met her at a quilt show last year. I was going to be doing the same workshop with her earlier in the year but couldn't make it unfortunately.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Shogun said...

Those are so beautiful!

I am trying to catch up and read old posts.