Friday, 30 July 2010

Lilly Pots @ Angie Quilts

Lilly painted a new quilty biscuit plate... t'will be placed in Kettle Corner, with biscuits on it of course, at each quilty meeting in the Quilt Cave, fabulous!
Here's a small selection of the latest hand painted mugs....Once painted they have to be fired. The worst thing is waiting for the oven to cool down before we can open the door.... whilst waiting though, I feel like a kiddie waiting for a special cake to be ready, he he he.
Lilly has lots of orders now, we had to buy the blanks in bulk already... wooohoooo. A huge thank you to all of you who sent good wishes to Lilly, it was very kind of you and very much appreciated.


Annabelle said...

Bridgewater better watch out!

hilary said...

Do you ship to the US? I usually buy my china teacups from John Sinclairs. I haven't needed any for awhile. I like my teacups thin but I like the pot belly shaped ones on your website. The quilting motifs are great. How do I order?
thanks, Hilary

Angie said...

Dear Roselady,
I can't find an email address to reply to you. We went to the Post Office for info. It will cost £10 for packing and shipping.
Please email me if you are still interested.